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Alg-Börje LithoMax Aquamin 250 tab / 500 tab / 1000 tablets

182 kr
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Finns ej i lagret
Product Description:
  • An inartificial multimineral that is harvested outside Iceland´s Southwest coast.
  • Studies shows clinical health benefits.
  • Improves in the area of bone, joint and muscles.
  • Studies shows that there are none side effects.
  • Beneficial for apprehensive bones.

By consuming 100 IE vitamin D3 the capacity of the body increases of assimilating calciuam and other minerals in Aquamin.


     Innehåll per dagsdos á 4 tabletter:        RDI*     
    Aquamin 2000 mg     
    ext. calcium 640 mg        80%
    magnesium  320 mg        80%
    Vitamin D3 10 mcg       100%
    Trace minerals   1300 mg  

* Recommended daily intake


Ingredients: Aquamin, magnesium carbonate, magnesium stearate andvitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).