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Bättre Hälsa Chlorella 400 mg 250 / 500 tablets

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Chlorella is a heavy metal-magnet that attracts heavy metals in the gut and brings them out. The body then dumps more heavy metals in the gut and chlorella brings them out - a circle that eventually detoxifies the body.

Chlorella is a green fresh water alga, known as the richest source of chlorophyll. It is very nutritious and one of the most complete nutrients found .

Better Health chlorella comes from Japan (Yaeyama-chlorella), where grown under ideal conditions. It is one of the cleanest in the world and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

The tablets are manufactured without any binders or other additives, and therefore contain 100% chlorella. Chlorella is pure food and no extract or concentrate.

Chlorella is high in plant protein, vitamins and minerals, magnesium and has a particularly high content of chlorophyll and lutein (50 x spinach). It is extremely rich in RNA and DNA. It is one of the most complete foods available and has a recognized good detoxification effect.

Usage: Take between meals for better detoxification. Ingest with water. 2-5 tablets twice a day or as recommended. Each table contains 400 mg.

100% Chlorella