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Colomaris Chlorella Pyrenoidosa 1400 tabl

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Colomaris Chlorella Pyrenoidosa is a 100% natural, balanced and complete vegetable base nutrition used in detox.

Chlorella is a unicellular green microalga with a true cell nucleus (nuclide), grown in sun-drenched freshwater ponds e.g. in Japan under strict hygienic control. Chlorella pyrenoidosa is the only kind of 15 different Chlorella species containing sporopollenin .

By eating chlorella, ine add to the body a both well-balanced and complete nutritional supplement of vitamins, minerals and proteins in all-natural form. In order to stimulate the various body organs to more balanced functions, it is important that the body genetically recognizes these nutrients and assimilates them efficiently.

Chlorella contains more chlorophyll than any other plant on earth. Chlorophyll contributes to that the body quickly and efficiently assimilates all the nutrients contained in chlorella algae .

Week 1: 5 tablets, or 1/2 tsp powder, with breakfast.
Week 2: 2 x 5 tablets, or 3/4 tsp powder, with meals.
Week 3 and beyond: 15 tablets, or 1 teaspoon (3g) powder, with breakfast or divided twice during the day.

100% Chlorella

Side Effects
Some people may get a mild reaction during the first few days, which can cause diarrhea or flatulence, due to a beneficial purification and detoxification process in the digestive system. After a few days however, these disorders cease and a daily dose of 3 grams or 15 tablets is ingested.

In the unlikely event some problems continue when you start taking chlorella, dosing should be reduced by half until the body gets used to the cleansing detoxification processes.