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Holistic Chlorella 400 mg 250 tabl

219 kr
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Product Description:

Holistic Chlorella contains the green alga Chlorella, nature's most nutritious plant. It contains more than 60 percent protein and all amino acids, vitamins and minerals plus all the essential fatty acids, especially omega-3.

It also contains more chlorophyll than any other food in the world (4-5 times more than Spirulina).

Yaeyama Chlorella Premium Quality is considered the cleanest in the world and is approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health. It is grown in ponds in Japan, dried and compressed into tablets without additives.

The cell walls are crushed with a gentle method to preserve all the nutrients and so that is more easily absorbed by the body, which contributes to a healthier life.

Dosage suggestion
5 tablets twice a day or as recommended. Each tablet contains 400 mg.

Ingredients per tablett
400 mg Chlorella