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Lifestream Chlorella 300 tab / 500 tab / 100 g

199 kr
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Product Description:

Lifestream Chlorella is a powerful dark green microalga with open cell wall, which can help the body to remove heavy metals from the body. It is cultuvated outdoors in freshwater ponds in Japan, resulting in better nutrition and improved properties.

Lifestream Chlorella contains natural levels of vitamins and minerals and is nature's richest source of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is a powerful, dark green nutrient, which in Japan is called "green blood" because it reminds so much of the hemoglobin in human blood.The easiest way to assimilate the beneficial effect of chlorophyll is to take Lifestream Chlorella, which contains one of the highest natural levels of chlorophyll available on the market.


Vitamins & Minerals
Beta Carotene 3 mg
Vitamin B1 50 mcg
Vitamin B2 110 mcg
Vitamin B6 100 mcg
Vitamin C 3.4 mg
Vitamin D 16 mcg
Vitamin K 38 mcg
Folic Acid 56 mcg
Tocopherols 500 mcg
Niacin 700 mcg
Biotin 4 mcg
Calcium 4.6 mg
Phosphorus 30 mg
Iron 4 mg
Magnesium 6.4mg
Zinc 30mcg
Copper 8 mcg
Pottasium 20 mg

Essential Amino Acids
Histidine 23 mg
Isoleucine 44 mg
Leucine 106 mg
Lysine 100 mg
Methionine 26 mg
Phenylalanine 59 mg
Threonine 55 mg
Tryptophan 26 mg
Valine 68 mg

Not Essential Amino Acids
Alanine 92 mg
Arginine 77 mg
Aspartic acid 104 mg
Cystine 16 mg
Glutamic acid 133 mg
Glycine 68 mg
Proline 57 mg
Serine 58 mg
Tyrosine 44 mg

Take between meals for better treatment. Ingest with water and drink in between 4-8 glasses of water/juice a day for better results.

Dosage/day (powder) adults
Dosage1st week: 1/3 tsp (about 1 g)
Then: 1/3-2/3 tsp (about 1-2 g)
Cure: 1-1 1/3 tsp (about 3-4 g) for at least 2-3 weeks.

Dosage/day (tablets) adults
Dosage 1st week: 3-5 tablets
Then: 5-10 tablets
Cure: 15-20 tablets for at least 2-3 weeks.


Not above room temperature


18 months from manufacture.


Side Effects:
None if dosed in accordance with the instructions.
Note that the first part of the cure can cause headaches and sweating. This is normal and only a proof that the cure has the intended effect.