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Lindroos Chlorella 400 mg 200 tabl ECO

153 kr
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Ecologically Certified Chlorella - An excellent natural food supplement without synthetic additives. Contains about 60% protein. High content of chlorophyll! Contains a unique nutrient called CGF/Chlorella Growth Factor. Also contains many vitamins and minerals.

The cultivations are located in the Hainan and Fujian provinces, in the extreme south of China. The difference in temperature between summer and winter is small, average temperature is high. Normally between 1700-2600 hours sun per year. Solar radiation is measured in kWh and is between 1250-1600 kWh per m2 per day. In Sweden, we rarely have over 1000 kWh per m2 per day, even in summer. Weather in Fujian Province is excellent for growing Spirulina and Chlorella. The facilities are located far from major urban areas or heavy industry. The water used in tanks is pumped from own sources.



6-10 tabl a day.

6tabl=2,4g Chlorella



Content declaration per 2.5 g of powder or 6 tablets, part of RDI

• A-vitamin (Beta Carotene) 260 μg RE 32%
• Folic acid 57 μg 14%
• D-vitamin 15 μg 100%
• Iron 5 mg 50 %
• Zinc 5 mg 60%
• Linoleic acid 32 mg *
• Alpha-linolenic acid 6.7 mg *
• Chlorophyll 80 mg *
• Chlorella Growth Factor 60 mg *
* RDI not established