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Lindroos Spirulinapulver 200 g

159 kr
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Spirulina (Spirulina Platensis) is a freshwater alga grown in controlled ponds. One of the world's most nutritious plants. Much protein, vitamins and minerals, such as iron and beta carotene.

Spirulina microalgae have many uses:

As supplement to ensure a balanced diet.
As protein source instead of meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc.
As protein supplement for athletes.
As nutritional supplement for those who want to fast or lose weight.
A natural antioxidant with beta-carotene (A-vitamin).
As dietary supplement rich in vitamins and minerals.
Contributes to immune system function.

1 tsp mixed with water or in food.


Powder: Spirulina platensis
Tablets: Spirulina platensis