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Nosebuddy pink

192 kr
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User manual:

Add one scoop of the measuring spoon with (included) salt in NoseBuddy (4.5 g). Use fine table salt/saline, preferably without additives like iodine and anti-caking agent.

Fill in tepid clean water to the measure line (0.5 liters). Normally it is good to use tepid water.

Mix it. The salt should be dissolved. The water will now have the same salt concentration as the body cells, physiological (isotonic) solution with 0.9% salt. Right salinity and temperature provides pleasant rinsing.

Rinse your nose. Standing at the sink. Stick NoseBuddy spout into one nostril so that it closes tightly. Breathe through your mouth. Bend your head and upper your body forward. 

Turn your head slightly to one side and let the jug follow up. Now, the water flows by itself through one nostril and out through the other. Dirt and slime will be rinsed out.

Let the water drain out. Bend forward and stand for a while with the head and upper body hanging relaxed down, so that the water runs out of the nose.
Blow nose through one nostril at a time.


Rinse the pot and spoon in hot water before and after each time you make nasal cleansing. Let them air dry. If necessary, hand wash or sanitize the pot. NoseBuddy can be washed in a dishwasher, but it can give chalk marks on the inside of the jug.