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Alpha Plus Lipolar Balans K2 200 ml

259 kr
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Product Description:

What makes Lipolar Balance unique?

· It contains an ideal blend of fatty acids of marine origin (fish oil) and fatty acids of vegetable origin (CLA and evening primrose oil).

· Taking Lipolar Balance gives your body a fatty acid intake reminiscent of the one man had before food industry started to process and refine raw materials.

· There are only fatty acids with scientifically documented positive effects in the product.

· The rancidity is high in polyunsaturated fat acids, both in the bottle and the body. Therefore, a high dose of the antioxidant vitamin E is added. Vitamin C, which is also included in the product, helps vitamin E with this task. Addition of rosemary increases oxidation stability further.

· The product is presented in oral solution form, which means that only the finest quality of oils can be used. Oils of lesser quality always give an off-flavor and can therefore only be used in capsule form, whereas Lipolar Balance has a very mild flavor.

· Lipolar Balance is manufactured in Norway in collaboration with leading experts in the field .

· In most countries Lipolar Balance is sold with an added natural vitamin D (cholecalciferol)


Exempel of usage
- Balance the dietary fatty acid composition and avoid shortages of
essential fatty acids
- Stimulate fat loss
- Provide a concentrated energy supplement
- Provide the right environment for muscle growth
- Prevent cardiovascular disease
- Enhance skin and hair quality


Recommended intake
1-3 teaspoons a day, prefereably with meals.


Content per dose (1 tsp / 5 ml)

- 4100 mg fish oil
whereof 720 mg EPA
whereof 480 mg DHA
- 280 mg other omega-3
- 400 mg evening primrose oil
whereof 35 mg GLA
- 10 mg natural E-vitamin
- 5 mcg natural D-vitamin
- 20 mcg natural K2-vitamin


Packages (in Sweden)
200 ml oil mixture in a dark glass bottle placed in a cardboard box.

100 soft gelatin capsules of 500 mg in a bottle placed in cardboard