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Eco Cosmetics Schampoo Repair Ginkgo Jojoba 200 ml

80 kr
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Product Description:
Eco shampoo repair ginkgo jojoba provides intense nourishment for hair and scalp. For stressed and damaged hair. Repair Shampoo repairs damaged hair, strengthens it and gently cleanses and leaves the hair soft. The sebum production is regulated and the wealthy ingredients are absorbed by the hair and form a protective layer that helps to counteract the cleaved ends . With myrtle, ginkgo and jojoba .
Sulfate -Free & without silicone
Contains Ginkgo and Jojoba that improves luster and elasticity
Myrtle stimulates the scalp
Ginkgo increases circulation and cell regeneration


Eco Cosmetics is absolutely free from synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives. 
100% of the ingredients are from natural raw materials 
12.25% of the ingredients are from organic farming 
97.2% of the herbal ingredients are from organic farming