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Pharbio Omega-3 Cassis 500 mg 90 caps

183 kr
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Product Description:
Pharbio Omega-3 Cassis - For the body to function optimally, it is important to have fatty acids. Pharbio Omega- 3 Cassis contains 500 mg of highly concentrated fish oil and two capsules a day gives you all the omega-3 you need. Omega-3 are polyunsaturated fatty acids that are used as energy and building blocks of the body. Omega-3 containing EPA and DHA contributes to normal cardiac function. DHA contributes to normal brain function and normal eyesight. Pharbio Omega-3 Cassis is small, chewable capsules with flavors of black currants.
According to general dietary recommendations, one should eat fish 2-3 times a week. Pharbio Omega-3 cassis is a great option if you don't get omega-3 from yous diet.
+ Promotes normal cardiovascular function
+ Good taste of blackcurrant
+ Smart chewable tablets
When a person takes food supplements, it is always important to remember that many factors affect health and wellbeing. It is therefore always recommended that supplements be combined with a proper diet, exercise and an otherwise healthy lifestyle.
Pharbio Omega-3 Cassis can also be combined with TopFormula Omega-3 and Omega TopFormula Pure+GLA.
Recommended Intake
Adults and children over 12 years: 2 capsules per day
Pregnant and nursing: 2 capsules per day
You can swallow Pharbio Omega-3 Cassis whole or chew them, preferably with meals.
Content per capsule
500 mg of highly concentrated fish oil, of which 255 mg of omega-3 (135 mg EPA , 90 mg DHA and 2 mg of vitamin E).
Concentrated fish oil, firming agents (glycerin, silicon oxide), gelatin, modified potato starch, flavoring, acid (citric acid), DL- alpha-tocopheryl acetate, dye (E153 , E171 , E120), sweetener (sucralose), soy lecithin.